Nav-Care Program

Nav-CARE ‘s specially trained volunteer navigators help improve the lives of people living with chronic/terminal illness by creating connections to community services and resources and providing caring, compassionate emotional and social support.  Nav-Care Video

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Client Criteria: 

  1. The clients will be referred by healthcare partners and or providers, community, and/or self-referral.
  2. The Society Services Coordinator will conduct a case by case assessment and review potential clients with the Executive Director to determine whether the client is appropriate for Nav-CARE.
  3. The focus will be on those adult clients that are facing any or all of the following but are not limited to:Loneliness and social isolation
    • Loss
    • Increased disengagement with hobbies or activities
    • Coping with transitions and multiple decisions
    • Difficulty in finding or accessing information or resources
    • Chronic Illness
    • Extreme age
  4. Exclusions
    • Addictions
    • Dementia
    • Complicated Mental Health issues

Volunteer Navigators

  1. Volunteer Navigators are specially trained volunteers who work directly with clients and family members conducting regular in-home visits.
  2. Responsibilities may include: 
    • Provide emotional support to help the person live well with chronic /terminal illness
    • Help identify and access community resources and healthcare services
    • Identify resources that can help with needs now and in the future.
    • Provide encouragement and companionship
    • Maintain Oath of Confidentiality

Volunteer Navigators DO NOT:

  • Accept or lend money
  • Do the person’s banking
  • Participate in any legal tasks of the client such as being a power of attorney, witnessing a will, council or advise the person.
  • Share any information about the client except to Olds & District Hospice Society
  • Share personal religious views or beliefs
  • Become romantically involved with anyone in the household. 
  • Assist in mobility of the client