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A Way Forward

Our organization strives to uplift and empower individuals by offering encouragement and support. We foster meaningful social connections and provide opportunities for personal growth through a range of activities. Moreover, we enhance access to diverse community resources, ensuring individuals can tap into the assistance they need. In a warm and welcoming environment, we also provide nourishing meals that evoke a sense of home. Recognizing the importance of caregivers' well-being, we offer respite services to provide them with a much-needed break.

A Typical Day May Look Like This:

–Arrival at Facility by 10:00am


–Group activity or project (music, craft, art, humor)


–Quiet time


–Preparation for leaving by 2:00pm

Reasons to Use A Way Forward

For the Participant:

–You will have an opportunity to socialize with others in activities that are meaningful and stimulating.

–You will have an opportunity to share time with others who are on a similar journey.

For the Caregiver:

–A chance for you to spend time with family/friends, run errands, or just relax.

–A feeling of comfort and peace of mind knowing that the person is safe while you are away.


Responsibilities of Program

A Way Forward has established standards of conduct that include but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring that participants and family caregiver privacy and confidentiality is respected at all times (verbal and written), including personal and health information.

  2. Ensuring that the value of the participant and family caregiver is recognized and supported in maintaining the participant’s well being.

  3. Ensuring that activities and programs respect the participant’s personal, religious, political beliefs and lifestyle decisions.

  4. Ensuring a nutritious lunch time meal and snacks which takes into account special dietary requirements as needed.

  5. Ensuring that an open communication between participants, family caregivers, coordinators and volunteers is respectful, timely, courteous, and appropriate.

  6. Ensuring that participants safety and their belongings are treated with respect and dignity.

Responsibilities of Participant and Caregiver

The participant and/or caregiver attending A Way Forward will:

  1. Provide the Program Coordinator with notice of absences by the Thursday prior to allow staff to cancel the meal/snack and make appropriate changes to the program as required.

  2. Treat personnel, volunteers, and other attending participants with respect and courtesy.

  3. Arrive to the program on time, be willing to participate in activities, and wear appropriate attire. 

Admission Criteria 

A client may be admitted to the program if he/she:

–Is a palliative client

–Is able to attend to their own needs

–Is able to tolerate the participation of activities

Discharge Criteria

A client will be discharged from the program when:

–They pose a safety risk to themselves or the group

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