February 2015 Hospice Happenings


We are thrilled to have held this amazing event Wednesday January 28, 2015, at our hospice suites at the Sunrise Encore building in Olds. Approximately 400 people took advantage of this one time opportunity to have a close up look at the two suites that are available to those in our community and surrounding area who face end of life and now can do so in a home-like environment.

We are so grateful to the visitors who came, the dignitaries who shared the day with us, and the support we have felt. A special thanks to the Sunrise Encore staff for their support and hospitality, we are excited to continue working with you. We would also like to acknowledge our gratitude to our local media for their presence and interest.

The criteria and process for admittance to these suites is established and while there is no charge for being in the suites, we look to our community and their continued support to be able to offer this service. Please feel free to contact the Society for more information. We are truly excited to be able to offer this support to our neighbors.

The essence of the day, while showcasing our hospice suites, was the spirit of the volunteers who have up so much time to guide and share. Thank you, again for the gift of your time and presence. Our volunteers are truly the ‘heart’ of what this society is all about. We would like to thank you Debbie, for her role in coordinating and supporting our volunteers, .she does a.Great job!! For those who have expressed interest in volunteering or would like more information about the suites, please feel free to contact Debbie Shindler our Service Coordinator for more information. BANFF FILM FESTIVAL On Saturday January 24, 2015, we were honored to receive the monies from the raffle held at the Banff Film Fesitival screening in our community. Thanks to Gotcha for the donation of the coat, and over $1000 was raised to support O&DHS. We appreciate being considered the recipient, once again , of these donations. UPCOMING EVENTS APRIL Spring Fling….watch for details MAY 3RD Hike for Hospice

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