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Hospital Bed

Hospice Suites

The Olds & District Hospice Society's dedicated volunteers are here to provide unwavering assistance, whether you find yourself in the comfort of your own home or within the confines of a hospital. These remarkable individuals have undergone extensive training in palliative care, enabling them to deliver compassionate and high-quality support to those navigating the final stages of life. Our comprehensive care encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and educational aspects, catering to the needs of individuals, their families, and the community at large.

To accommodate families embarking on their end-of-life journey, we offer Hospice Suites that serve as serene sanctuaries. These cozy environments are designed to foster comfort and tranquility, allowing families to come together and accompany their loved ones during this significant transition. Our hospice volunteers are readily available to offer their unwavering support throughout this process, should it be desired. Importantly, all these services are provided completely free of charge to individuals and families.

Located on the second floor of Seasons Encore, just north of the Olds Hospital, our two Hospice Suites have been operational for seven years. Over this period, we have had the privilege of supporting more than 60 families in need of hospice care.

For further details, we encourage you to reach out to our Services Coordinator, Cindy Palin, at 403-586-9992. 


The Olds & District Hospice Society suites are located in the Seasons Encore Retirement Home at 3300 57ave, Olds AB T4H 1C4.


The Olds & District Hospice Society, Alberta Health Services Home Care, Alberta Health Services, and the Seasons Encore staff work together in partnership model to provide excellent 24/7 palliative care.

Home Care will work with you and your health care team to create a plan that is individualized for you.


The Home Care Case Manager will oversee all aspects of your care.

The onsite Seasons Encore Licensed Practical Nurse and Health Care Aides will provide hands-on care and support.

The Palliative Care Resource Nurse can provide in-depth specialized assessments and recommendations for your care to the health care team.

The Hospice Society will support you in your overall care, and based on decisions you make. The Hospice Society will support through various services as well as volunteer support. The Hospice Society offers fiver components of care to support you and those you care about:

  • Contact Base

  • Information Base

  • Trained Hospice Volunteers Support

  • Bereavement & Navigation Support

  • Communication and Advocacy

To be eligible for staying in our Hospice Suites, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Understanding: The individual must have a clear understanding of the purpose and philosophy of the Hospice Society and the care provided.

  2. Registration: They should be a registered client with the Hospice Society and also enrolled in the Alberta Health Services Home Care Program in the central region.

  3. Terminal illness: A physician must confirm the diagnosis of a terminal illness, and the individual must be aware of the terminal nature of their disease. The physician should agree to provide 24/7 medical coverage.

  4. Life expectancy: The individual's life expectancy should be less than four months, except for respite care for palliative clients.

  5. Care designation: They should not expect resuscitative interventions, such as CPR, in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. The corresponding Goal or Care Designation of M2, C1, or C2 is required.

  6. Palliative Performance Scale: The individual should have a Palliative Performance Scale of 40% or less.

  7. Priority: Preference will be given to residents of Mountain View County. However, requests from outside the county will be considered if vacancies are available.

  8. Complex needs: Some conditions or treatment regimes may be beyond the scope of our supportive living site. The ability to provide safe care for complex needs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Examples include high-flow oxygen or managing certain behaviors like wandering. Our site has a policy against using restraints, and limited availability of lab tests may also affect suitability.

By meeting this criteria, individuals can be considered for a stay in our Hospice Suites.

Are the suites right for me? 

Our Hospice Suites offer a comforting and supportive living experience for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. They provide an alternative to care at home or in acute care settings, catering to those seeking peace and comfort during their final months or weeks of life. Additionally, the suites serve as a respite option for individuals on their palliative journey.

Each suite features a self-contained one-bedroom layout with a living room, small kitchenette, private bathroom, and space for overnight stays if desired. For your safety, an emergency call system is in place. Meals can be enjoyed in the dining room or within your suite.

Within the building, you'll find various lounge and recreation areas that you and your family can utilize. To arrange a tour of the suites, kindly contact the Olds & District Hospice Society and schedule an appointment.

Please note that transportation and associated costs, including ambulance service upon admission, are the responsibility of the client/family. In certain cases, Alberta Palliative Coverage may cover the cost of ambulance transport. Additionally, you are responsible for bringing your own personal care items. Refer to the provided booklet for suggestions on what to bring.

We strive to provide a concise and seamless flow of information to assist you in understanding the benefits and logistics of our Hospice Suites.

How do I arrange admission to the Suites? 


To initiate the process, please contact the Hospice Society at 403-586-9992.

Sign up to become a Home Care Central client if you have not yet. 

Multiple assessments may be conducted by different individuals to ensure the development of the most comprehensive care plan tailored to your needs.

Efforts will be made to minimize the number of assessments and avoid duplicating the collection of information whenever possible.


What about my treatments and medications? 


The primary focus of hospice palliative care is to enhance comfort, provide support, and prevent or alleviate symptoms. This focus remains unchanged when considering or transitioning to the Hospice Suites.

Treatments aimed at promoting patient comfort and managing symptoms will be continued, similar to the care provided at home. It will be your responsibility to make arrangements for attending appointments related to these treatments.

Your medications will be regularly reviewed by your doctor and healthcare team. Medications that contribute to your comfort and help prevent or control symptoms will be continued. If you have any concerns about your medications, it is important to discuss them with your doctor and nurse.


What will it cost me? 


The Hospice Suites, provided by the Olds & District Hospice Society, are offered completely free of charge.

Personal care and professional services, based on assessed need, are covered by Alberta Health Services through the Home Care Program.

Medication costs are similar to those at home. The client/family is responsible for payment, and partial coverage is available through the Alberta Blue Cross Palliative Care program. If you're not already enrolled, the Palliative Care Resource Nurse, Home Care, or your doctor can assist you.

Specific supplies such as ostomy or wound care, adult continence supplies, and other specialized needs will be discussed with you by the Home Care nurse. Some of the costs for these supplies may be eligible for coverage through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living Program.

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