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Hospice Support

Home & Hospital

Our team supports individuals & families at their homes or in the hospital.  We provide trained volunteers to sit beside, as well as offer respite relief. Our team can assist with navigation through the system and the many challenges, and changes throughout the palliative journey.  We can connect you to necessary information, resources, and help act as guide through challenging times. 


To accommodate families embarking on their end-of-life journey, we offer Hospice Suites that serve as serene sanctuaries. These cozy environments are designed to foster comfort and tranquility, allowing families to come together and accompany their loved ones during this significant transition. 

The Olds & District Hospice Society, Alberta Health Services Home Care, Alberta Health Services, and the Seasons Encore staff work together to provide excellent 24/7 palliative care.

AHS Home Care  & Case Manager will work with you and your health care team to create a plan that is individualized for you.

Seasons Encore will provide hands-on care and support.

The Palliative Care Resource Nurse can provide in-depth specialized assessments and recommendations for your care to the health care team.

The Hospice Society will support you in your overall care, and based on decisions you make. The Hospice Society will offer various services as well as volunteer support. Our hospice volunteers are readily available to offer their compassionate care  throughout this process, should it be desired. Importantly, all these services are provided completely free of charge to individuals and families.​

Eligibility for Hospice Suite support:

  1. Society intake form completed and client wishes to have hospice care. 

  2. Registered as a Home Care Central patient. Central Care Access Line - 1-855-371- 4122 to register

  3. Terminal diagnosis <4 months prognosis

  4. Goals or Care Designation C1, or C2 

  5. Palliative Performance Scale <40%

  6. Priority: Preference will be given to residents of Mountain View County

  7. Limited complex needs: AHS will determine the ability to provide safe care and suitability. Examples include high-flow oxygen or management of certain behaviors like wandering. It's important to note that our site adheres to a policy against using restraints, and limited availability of lab tests may also impact suitability.

Are the suites right for me? 

Our Hospice Suites offer a comforting and supportive living experience for those with life-limiting illnesses. They serve as an alternative to home or acute care, providing peace and comfort during the final months or weeks of life. These suites also offer respite for individuals on their palliative journey.

Each suite includes a self-contained one-bedroom layout with a living room, a small kitchenette, a private bathroom, and space for optional overnight stays. For your safety, there's an emergency call system in place, and you can choose to have meals in the dining room or in your suite.

How do I arrange admission to the Suites? 


To initiate the process, please contact the Society at 403-586-9992 or email

What about my treatments and medications? 


Hospice palliative care prioritizes comfort, support, and symptom relief. This focus remains consistent during the transition.

Your doctor and healthcare team will regularly review your medications. 


What will it cost me? 


The hospice suites are offered at zero cost. 

When it comes to medication expenses, they are typically similar to what you'd incur at home, and it's the responsibility of the client/family to handle these costs. Partial coverage is available through the Alberta Blue Cross Palliative Care program, and you can seek enrollment assistance from the Palliative Care Resource Nurse, Home Care, or your doctor.

Regarding specialized supplies like ostomy or wound care, adult continence supplies, and other specific items, the Home Care nurse will have a detailed discussion with you. It's possible that some of the costs for these supplies may qualify for coverage.

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