The Olds & District Hospice Society suites are located in the Seasons Encore Retirement Home at 3300 57ave, Olds AB T4H 1C4.

The Olds & District Hospice Society, Alberta Health Services Home Care, Alberta Health Services, and the Seasons Encore staff work together in partnership model to provide excellent 24/7 palliative care.

Home Care will work with you and your health care team to create a plan that is individualized for you.

The Home Care Case Manager will oversee all aspects of your care.

The onsite Seasons Encore Licensed Practical Nurse and Health Care Aides will provide hands-on care and support.

The Palliative Care Resource Nurse can provide in-depth specialized assessments and recommendations for your care to the health care team.

The Hospice Society will support you in your overall care, and based on decisions you make. The Hospice Society will support through various services as well as volunteer support. The Hospice Society offers fiver components of care to support you and those you care about:

  • Contact Base
  • Information Base
  • Trained Hospice Volunteers Support
  • Bereavement & Navigation Support
  • Communication and Advocacy

What are the criteria for people wishing to stay in the suites? 

• Individuals are aware of the purpose and philosophy of the  Hospice Society and the care provided. 

• Must be a registered client with the Hospice Society and with  Alberta Health Services Home Care Program. 

• A physician must confirm the diagnosis of a terminal illness  and the client must be aware of the terminal nature of their  disease. Your physician must also agree to provide 24/7  coverage for your medical needs. 

• Life expectancy is less than 4 months (with the exception of  respite for palliative care clients). 

• Cannot expect resuscitative interventions such as CPR in the  event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. Should have a  corresponding Goal or Care Designation of M2, C1 or C2. 

• Should have a Palliative Performance Scale of 50% or less. • Priority will be given to Mountain View County residents but  requests from outside the county will be considered when  vacancies exist. 

• There may be some conditions or treatment regimes that  cannot be managed at the supportive living site. The ability to  provide you safe care for complex needs will be discussed on a  caser by case basis. An example of this might be high flow  oxygen or management of certain behaviours such as  wandering. This site has a policy prohibiting the use of  restraints. There may also be limited availability of lab tests  that might impact whether this is the right place for your care.

Are the suites right for me? 

The suites offer an alternative to care at home or in acute care  and are appropriate for anyone with a life-limiting illness who  wants a comfortable, peaceful, supportive living experience  during the last months or weeks of life. It also is appropriate  for those needing a place of respite on their palliative journey. 

Each suite is a self-contained one bedroom with a living  room, small kitchenette, private bathroom and room for  someone to stay overnight if you wish. An emergency call  system is also in place for your safety. 

Meals can be taken in the dining room or in your suite. 

Numerous lounge and recreation areas exist within the  building that you and your family may use. 

Tours of the Suites can be arranged by the Olds & District  Hospice Society – please call to make an appointment.

Transportation and costs related to, including ambulance  service to the Suites on admission, is the responsibility of the  client/family. In many cases, Alberta Palliative Coverage  may cover the cost of ambulance transport. 

You are also responsible for your own personal care items  (see suggestions in this booklet of what to bring). 

How do I arrange admission to the Suites? 

Call the Hospice Society at 403-586-9992.  

They will connect you with Home Care for an assessment  specific to the Suites (or complete your assessment if you are  in the hospital) and help coordinate everything. Assessments  may be done by multiple people in order to ensure we are  creating the best and most complete plan of care for you.  We will do our best to keep the number of assessments to a  minimum and try to avoid collecting the same information  multiple times.

What about my treatments and medications? 

The focus of care within the hospice palliative care is to  promote comfort, provide support and prevent or treat  symptoms. This will not change when you consider or move  to the Hospice Suites. 

Treatments that support patient comfort and manage  symptoms may be continued as they would at home. You will  need to make your own arrangements to attend appointments  for these. 

Medications will also be reviewed regularly by your doctor  and health care team. Those medications that promote  comfort and symptom prevention or control will be  continued. Concerns about your medications should be  discussed with your doctor and nurse. 

What will it cost me? 

The Hospice Suites are offered free of charge, courtesy of the  Olds & District Hospice Society. 

Alberta Health Services covers the cost of personal care and  professional services, based on assessed need, through the  Home Care Program. 

Medication costs are similar to home. The client/family is  responsible for payment and partial coverage is available  through the Alberta Blue Cross Palliative Care program. If  you are not already signed up for this, Home Care, the  Palliative Care Resource Nurse or your doctor can help you. 

Supplies, such as those for ostomy or wound care, adult  continence supplies and other specific needs will be discussed  with you by the Home Care nurse. Some of the cost of these  supplies may be eligible for coverage through the Alberta  Aides to Daily Living Program.