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Image by Calvin Mano

Butterfly Release

RECAP 2023


On July 16, 2023 we released 150 painted lady buttterflies commemorate our loved ones who have passed away. The occasion gathered over 120 attendees at this very meaningful event.  Our Executive Director, Mary Smith, served as the Master of Ceremonies, guiding us through the day's proceedings.


The event featured a touching poem recited by Kaitlynne Wilson, evoking deep emotions within everyone present. Cindy Palin, our Services Coordinator, shared heartfelt words and prayers that provided solace and healing to all. Jim Adamchick contributed to the overall ambiance with his enchanting musical performance, enhancing the entire ceremony. 


Following the heartfelt program, attendees gathered in a designated area to release their delicate winged companions. The atmosphere was filled with a mix of laughter, smiles, and quiet reflection, as we both celebrated and remembered those we have lost. Guests also had the opportunity to connect over coffee, snacks, and engaging conversations, creating a sense of community and furthering the healing process.

The event left a lasting impression, as it allowed us to experience a range of emotions, from joyous moments to tender remembrance. It served as a testament to the power of coming together and finding solace in each other's company.






Join us on SAVE THE DATE July 14, 2024 passed on. This beautiful and sacred gathering offers a space for friends, family, and especially children to express their final goodbyes in a peaceful and healing manner. If you would like more information, please reach out to our office at 403-586-9992.


Event Schedule:

12:30 pm - Registration and butterfly pickup

1:00 pm-    Opening remarks

1:15 pm -    Prayers

1:30 pm -    Live music and butterfly release

2:15 pm -    Wrap up

By purchasing a live butterfly ($25), you not only have a symbolic way to remember your loved ones but also provide hope to those who may need it. Your participation in this fundraising event supports hospice palliative care in the Olds & District Area, enabling us to continue offering compassionate services to those in need.

To secure your butterfly, please make your purchase before July 12, 2024. You have the option to pick up the butterfly in advance for a personal release at a special location or receive it at the event site on July 16. The butterfly release ceremony will be accompanied by prayers and live music, creating a poignant and uplifting atmosphere as we bid farewell to these beautiful creatures and witness their graceful flight into the distance.

We understand that times have been challenging for everyone, but now, more than ever, we seek to foster connections and extend hope, healing, and a sense of togetherness. The butterfly release serves as a gentle reminder that life, despite adversity, can become even more beautiful with time. Join us as we come together in remembrance, celebration, and solidarity.

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