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Grief and Bereavement


Our Bereavement Support team offers one on one support to those experiencing loss.  This is open to our client’s family members as well as the community at large. We offer compassionate support at no cost for up to four sessions with trained facilitators to learn coping strategies as well as give a safe space to express thoughts and feelings. 


Brigding Facilitators

Ruby Elliott - Grief Educator                               Chantel Plamondon -Registered Counselling Therapist. B.A Psycology

Bereavment Facilitators

Dennis Mckernan - Lead Facilitator for Men's Bereavement

Bob Griebel - Bereavement Facilitator

Michelle Jorgensen -Bereavement Facilitator

Nan Mckernan - Bereavement Facilitator

Ley-Anne Mountain - Bereavement Facilitator

Charlene Schramm  Bereavement Facilitator

Kathy Kemmere - Bereavement Facilitator

Cindy Palin - Bereavement Facilitator

Charlene Wilson - Bereavement Facilitator

Mary Marshall - Bereavement Facilitator

Saskia Adelsberger - Bereavement Facilitator

Group Sessions (minimum of three registered for group to move forward)


8 week Bereavment Support Group offered starting in February and ending early April.

8 week Men's Bereavement Support Group starting in February and ending early April. 


8 Week bereavement support group starting in October and ending first week of December. 

Please fill in the below form to if you are interested in bereavement & grief support

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