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Grief and Bereavement

The Society offers one on one bereavement support weekly as well as group sessions offered in the spring and fall. 

Our Bereavement Support team offers one on one support to those experiencing a loss of a loved one and seeking help through their journey. This is open to our client’s family members as well as the community at large. Its purpose is to offer support with 4 free bereavement sessions then after the program is completed the individual is welcome to join our next bereavement group or carry on in the two support workers private practice that are listed below. 

Ruby Elliott - Grief Educator


Chantel Plamondon -Registered Counselling Therapist

Grief is a complex process, often described as a journey, that encompasses various aspects of our being—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is a deeply personal experience that follows any form of loss, and it cannot be simply overcome or forgotten but rather requires active integration into our lives.

Understanding the significance of supporting individuals, families, and friends during end-of-life and the subsequent grieving process, the Olds & District Hospice Society offers bereavement support groups twice a year. These groups, facilitated by trained bereavement facilitators, span eight weeks and provide a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, emotions, and challenges with others on a similar journey.

Prior to each group session, participants have the opportunity to meet with the facilitators, gather information about the program, and assess its suitability for their needs. To learn more about these bereavement support groups and the support provided, individuals can contact the Society office at 403-586-9992.

The quote by Helen Keller, "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose, All that we love becomes a part of us," serves as a poignant reminder that although we may experience loss, the love and memories we shared with those we have lost will forever remain within us. It acknowledges the enduring impact that our loved ones have on our lives, even in their absence.

By enhancing the flow of the information, we ensure a smooth and coherent presentation of the grieving process, the bereavement support groups, and the profound impact of love and memories.

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